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Selling A Home - Before You List
Know Why You Really Want To Move
Some reasons are oblivious, such as the need to sell if you’re moving to another city or putting in an offer on a new home.  Other needs may be less definite, such as out growing your space or concerns about cash flow.  By working with real estate and mortgage professionals, you can assess financing options and the cost of moving against the cost of staying and make the best choice.

Set Your Expectations
I will prepare and Comparative Market Analysis of your homes value to help you determine reasonable price expectations before you even list your home.  This is especially important if you’re planning to finance a new home.

See Your Home Through Other’s Eyes
Try to see your home through the critical eye of strangers.  Make a list of major and minor improvements to make.  As your real estate professional, I can point out your homes best features and be frank with you about the worst.

Make A Seasonal Album
This album is very helpful and will show potential buyers your gorgeous perennial garden or your lush balcony view out of season.

Selling A Home - Before You List Your Home

Have A Copy Of Your Property Survey
A survey can be a plus in a competitive market.  An existing survey should suffice depending on when it was completed or what physical changes have been made.  This could save valuable time, as some buyers may need this to meet their lender’s requirement of a survey before approving a mortgage on the property.

Finish All Those Jobs You Meant To Get To
Repaint or at least touch up interior and exterior for a fresh, polished look.  Replace items that show wear and tear.  You should also make sure your home’s mechanical systems are in good order.  Have the chimney and furnace inspected and cleaned, check drains and ductwork and fix any plumbing problems.

Count On A Pro
As your real estate professional, I will help you target potential buyers and get you serious offers.  You can also count on me to help you negotiate and close the deal.  A mortgage professional is another important member of your sales team as they can help potential buyers understand just how affordable your home is and help you explore financing options for the home you’re moving to.